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2017 TUSCARORA INDIAN PRINCESS . . . . . . . . . .

The 2017 Tuscarora Princess is Quinna Hamby, Turtle clan. Daughter of Jill Clause and Jason Hamby, granddaughter of Theresa and Jay Clause.

She is a 2017 graduate of Niagara Wheatfield High School and will attend Medaille College in the fall 2017.

(Photo courtesy of WNY Papers.)

2017 Tuscarora Indian Princess
Winner: Quinna Hamby, turtle clan
1st Runner-up: Meadow Printup, bear clan

Margaret Williams Memorial Raised Beadwork Competition
Adult - beadwork, variety
1st: Mary Annette Clause
2nd: Kathy VanEvery
3rd: Bryan Printup

Adult - loomwork, variety
1st: Caroline Bigtree
2nd: Anita Ferguson
3rd: Joe Jamieson

Youth - beadwork, variety
1st: LillyAnn Truesdale
2nd: LillyAnn Truesdale

Honorable Mention
Denise Litz

2017 Children's Contest winners
0yrs - 1 yrs old
Girls: Valenteena Leon
Boys: Kayne Phillips

2yrs old - 3yrs old
Girls: Veida Harris
Boys: Elijah Hill

4yrs old - 5yrs old
Girls: Danyka Jacobs
Boys: Denahi McAleer

Ben Cusick Horseshoe Classic
1st Runner-up:

2017 Smoke Dance Competition
16 registered tiny-tot dancers (0-5yrs old)

* 50 registered dancers, 6 yrs & older

Girls (6yrs old - 12yrs old)
1st: Nina Hamby (Tuscarora)
2nd: Kitana VanPelt (Tonawanda Seneca)
3rd: Lyana Halsey (Oneida)

Boys (6yrs old - 12yrs old)
1st: Ethan Kirkland (Tuscarora)
2nd: Cusin Lyons (Tuscarora)
3rd: Errick Antone (Oneida)

Teen Girls (13yrs old - 17yrs old)
1st: Arriana Smith (Tuscarora)
2nd: Keah George (Tuscarora)
3rd: Daelynn Smith (Mohawk)

Teen boys (13yrs old - 17yrs old)
1st: Brett Logan (Tonawanda Seneca)
2nd: Eli Dowdy (Tuscarora)
3rd: Sequoia Hill (Tonawanda Seneca)

Women (18yrs old - 49yrs old)
1st: Kerrian Spruce (Tonawanda Seneca)
2nd: Nikki Shawana (Anishinabe)
3rd: Keona George (Tuscarora)

Men (18yrs old - 49yrs old)
1st: David SMith (Mohawk)
2nd: Jr Dowdy (Tuscarora)
3rd: Jordan Buffalo (Seneca)

Golden Age women (50+)
1st: Jonnie Mae (Mohawk)
2nd: Jerrie Lea Printup (Tuscarora)

Golden Age men (50+)
1st: Orville Greene (Tuscarora)
2nd: Jarrod Patterson (Tuscarora)

Annual Hand Drum Contest
1st: Nicki Shawana
2nd: JR Dowdy
3rd: Eli Dowdy

2017 Tuscarora 10k Race (115 participants)
1. Michael Deasey (Wynnewood, PA); 2. Joe Norris (Tonawanda, NY); 3. Ryan Douglas McClellan (Intervale, NH); 4. Nathan Roberts (N. Tonawanda); 5. Justin Balcom (Youngstown, NY); 6. Matthew Parham (Buffalo, NY); 7. Andrew Small (Pendleton, NY); 8. Jen F-Dellapenta (Hamburg, NY); 9. Charles Anderson (Grand Island, NY); 10. Mykl Smith (Tonawanda, NY).

2017 Tuscarora 2.5 mile Fun Run (77 participants)
1. Michael Schmidt (Sanborn, NY); 2. Matt Frye (Niagara Falls, NY); 3. Ayden Woolston (N. Tonawanda, NY); 4. William Anderson (Charlotte, NC); 5. Gordon Jaeckle (Niagara Falls, NY); 6. Christian Burnham (Sanborn, NY); 7. Dalton Gromoll (Newfane, NY); 8. Jack McClellan (Canton, MA); 9. Nina Hamby (Sanborn,  NY); 10. Julie Gromoll (Newfane, NY).

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament
1st place: Tosh Hamby, Jordan Buffalo and Cory Cech.

Seasoned Women vs. Young Girls softball game
* Seasoned women won this year (again.)
Young girls team consisted of: Haylie Hill, Hope Hill, Isabella Lempke, Serenity Fitzgerald, Constance Burnham, Kayla Franklin, Kara Schnettler, and Carmeron Chew.
(Subject to change.)

Friday, July, 7, 2017

  1. 5:00pm
    Opening Ceremony
  2. 6:00PM
    Tuscarora Baptist Choir
  3. 7:00PM
    2017 Tuscarora Princess Contest
  4. 8:00PM
    Mark Porter band
  5. 9:00PM

Saturday, July, 8, 2017

  1. 7:30AM
    Breakfast in the Grove
  2. 9:00AM
    10K Race and 2.5 Mile Fun Run
  3. 10:00AM
    Run awards
  4. 11:00AM
    Parade and Opening Ceremony
  5. 12:00PM
    Children's Contest
  6. 1:00PM
    Smoke Dance warm-up
  7. 2:00PM
    Iroquois Indian Band
  8. 3:00PM
  9. 4:00PM
    MUSICAL SHOWCASE: Rachel Mt. Pleasant * Sandy Maracle * Cierra Mt. Pleasant
  10. 5:00PM
    Smoke Dance Finals sponsored by
  11. 6:00PM
    Warren Skye Jr. band
  12. 7:00PM
    Hand Drum Contest
  13. 8:00PM
  14. 9:00PM

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Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the Picnic.
NO Drugs and NO Alcohol allowed on the premises,
including the parking lots.

- Picnic Committee

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We are located north of the Tuscarora Indian School, at the corner of Mt. Hope Road and Walmore Road, Lewiston, NY 14092.
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